Exploring Birth Options

The Experience of Birth

Witness the wonderful emotions and deeply felt connection to womanhood in this short preview to our series exploring natural childbirth, midwifery, and your birth options.

A Midwife's Role: Knowledge Infused with Care

Women and couples talk about the many roles their midwifes played throughout their pregnancies. In essence, they experience the midwife as friend, support, and professional; and in the end as an advocate for their autonomy as a mother.

Why I Chose a Home Birth

Women's reasons for chosing a home birth run the gamut: from wanting more intimacy and control, to fear of an unnecessary C-section, to desiring a more spiritual connection with their child. Two M.D.s speak about their specific reasons for this choice.

Moving Through Fear and Pain to Strength

The natural experience of birth gifts women with tolerance, courage and strength. Facing fear and pain, without relying on drugs or artificial means to speed up the birthing process, these women express an increased self confidence as mothers.

The Family Bond

Birth renews relationships, deepens connections and allows mothers and fathers both to touch into a well of appreciation and intuitive knowledge. A door opens into more felt dimension of life.

Mothers Natually

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