Natural Pregnancy Tips

Natural Pregnancy Tips & Tips During Pregnancy

As with anything in life, knowledge builds confidence and ability. What could be more important than being confident in your ability to have a safe and natural pregnancy? We hope these natural pregnancy tips will help you through your journey into motherhood.

Eat Mindfully and Appreciatively

A natural pregnancy starts with a natural diet. You are nourishing yourself and your baby. Be sure to eat nutrient rich, whole foods and avoid highly processed foods and empty calories. This includes eating a good variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, beans and lean meats (organic when possible). If you are craving sugar, eat protein. It will alleviate your cravings and provide the building blocks for a healthy baby.

Think about food preparation. For example, cook with a cast iron skillet (to get the extra iron in your diet) or stainless steel, but avoid cooking with Teflon due to toxic residue that can seep into your food. Avoid using old plastic containers for drinking or storing food for the same reason.

Be sure to drink two to three liters of water per day. Avoid artificially sweetened drinks and carbonated sodas. Natural juices may be enjoyed in moderation.

Move and Play

Love your growing body and know that you are blessed with the ability to nourish your child with everything he or she needs – including physical activity balanced with indulgent rest. Be sure to make your activities fun and full of joy. Skip the drudgery of a workout if you are dreading it. Instead, dance, hike in nature or walk to a flower store – anything that keeps you moving and makes you smile.

If your job requires that you sit for long periods of time, sit on a yoga ball to increase circulation, improve posture and help your baby's position.

Surround Yourself with Goodness

Surround yourself with people and stories that will fuel your confidence and prepare you for a positive journey. For example, read Mothering Magazine and Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth and revel in your upcoming motherhood. Avoid watching TV stories about birth and say no thanks to the negative birth stories people love to tell.


Set aside quiet time each day to be present with yourself and check in with how you are feeling emotionally and physically. Connect with your dreams and intentions and love the baby within you. Use this time to listen to yourself - trust what your body and instincts are telling you.

Know that you have the ability to manifest your dreams - so create the dream birth you want to have. Write this down in your journal, along with an account of the dreams you are having at night.

There are many more natural pregnancy tips – too many to fit on a page. If you would like to know more about how to have a natural pregnancy and childbirth, find a midwife in your area and get your questions answered.

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