Submit your Nominations for the best Films, Books, and Websites for 2009!

Have you read a great book or seen a great childbirth movie lately that deserves recognition? Now you can nominate the most outstanding works for a unique award. At the 2009 MANA conference, Mother’s Naturally will award the second annual Mother’s Naturally awards! Anyone can nominate a book, movie, website, or blog they think represents excellence in the portrayal of natural childbirth and midwifery.

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Nominations will be taken until August 31, and a committee will select the best to be awarded at the conference. Help us find the best of the best, and come to the conference to see who has been recognized!

E-mail your nominations to

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Natural Pregnancy Information

Pregnancy is natural. Work with it naturally.

What can you expect?

Being pregnant and giving birth are natural life experiences for which a woman’s body is well designed. In most of the world, women labor and give birth with midwives, as they have throughout history. Midwife care has been proven to be a safe, nurturing alternative to physician-attended hospital birth.

A woman’s body is innately prepared with the strength, stamina, and ability to nourish a safe and natural pregnancy and childbirth. By supporting the body’s own instinctive knowledge, unnecessary medical intervention can often be avoided.

Natural pregnancy includes creating an internal and external environment of healthy, positive elements: healthy eating, appropriate exercise, listening to positive birth stories, gathering knowledge, planning the ideal care, and partnering with a caregiver who can lead you through each step safely and confidently. This caregiver can be a midwife.

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