Natural Birth in the Hospital

Heather | January 12, 2009

My mother-in-law (MIL) came in on January 6th because we expected her to be born rather early. At my OB appointment that day, I was 2 cm and 80 percent. With the boys, when I was at that stage, I went into labor 3-5 days later... so when we were on day 6 after the check with no indications of impending labor, we were thinking we had a while to go. My MIL and my husband, Jerrick, were starting to get impatiently excited but I was managing to stay relaxed and calm. I was so proud of myself! Everyone was scheduling walks and other labor inducing practices, but I was just as content to enjoy the last few days of having nothing to do. It wasn't until the night of the 6th day after my OB appointment that I started getting emotional about it. I really didn't want to go to my OB appointment the next day because I was sure that I would find out I had undilated.

We started my 39 week appointment by scheduling my 41 week induction because they fill up fast here. Then we did the usual dance and I almost declined the cervical check to save myself the tears, but I felt it was important for me to be mature about the matter.

Dr: "Wow... wow..." look of confusion, "wow..."

Sigh... Me: "Okay... I know, I went backwards. I was expecting that."

Dr: "No... um... are you contracting right now?"

Me: "No."

Dr: "Are you sure??"

Me: "Yes, why?"

Dr: "You're at 4 cm. If you were, I'd be admitting you."

I was flabbergasted. I hadn't felt anything really in the last week to make me think I was dilating, and I was frustrated at the thought of being one of the ladies that walks around at 4 cm for weeks only to be induced.

I came home and when I told Jerrick/MIL, it was decided we would try to get labor started with a walk before Jerrick had to go to work. I was for this as I didn't want him to be at work and not make it home in time. We walked the neighborhood and a local store before I decided to call it off. My feet were swelling, I was hungry, and no contractions. I didn't want to merely irritate my uterus into torturing me. So we hit the grocery store since we had been neglecting to grocery shop and headed home. Jerrick went to work, MIL and I went about the day as usual.

My MIL wasn't feeling well, so I sent her to bed around 6:30 because I felt pretty good. I assured her that I was okay to take care of the boys and myself... But by 7:00, I was starting to have contractions and feel really antsy. I just figured that I was letting myself get worked up just because of the information at my OB appointment. I could still walk and talk through them and they seemed rather irregular. I got the boys ready for bed and started feeling really excitable about the whole thing. I decided to get Jerrick home to calm me down. I knew that if it wasn't the real deal, having him home would put me at ease enough to stop the false labor. After the boys were in bed, we hung around the house a bit before deciding to try walking. The contractions were the same but I still felt that it would be a while before the real thing started... like days. We made it the end of the driveway before Jerrick was like, "We're going to L&D." I had had 2 contractions from the door to the sidewalk.

On the way, I started to feel like I was crying wolf so we stopped at the gas station to assess the situation. Jerrick went to get coffee and I headed to the bathroom. I had a decent contraction in there and decided to head to the car so as not to embarrass myself doing my contraction dance in the store, lol. We went to L&D after that figuring it was better to be safe than sorry. The boys were born so quickly and with me being already 4 cm, I didn't want to take a chance of delivering in the car.

We arrived at around 10:00 PM, and I got checked within a few minutes. The nurse that checked me said 5 cm, and the intern said 6 cm... I say potato po-tato, lol. I got hooked up to the monitors and they stuck me 4 times trying to get the heplock in, but I didn't have to have an IV, YAY! They called my doctor who lives 20 minutes away, and I got out of bed to "dance." The nurses were AWESOME. They followed my birth plan completely and were so nice about it. I asked to be left alone as much as possible so Jerrick and I were able to work together until my doctor got there a bit after 11 PM. I was still smiling and laughing between contractions until about then. I was listening to my birthing affirmations and telling myself stuff like "We're having a baby... come on baby," and "I'm okay," during contractions. I started to hit a wall so Jerrick took over. He rubbed my back while I swayed and told me what a great job I was doing. When I started to squat with contractions, he suggested I get back in bed. Sure enough, I was started to get the urge to push. I knew I wasn't complete and actually guessed I was around 7 cm since I was still only feeling slightly panicky.

My doctor came to check me, and I was already 9 cm. I had done it... I was almost there! He asked me what I wanted to do. I was ready to be done and that's exactly what I said. So I asked him to break my water. He went to get the supplies, sat down on the edge of the bed to do it, and GUSH!! My water literally exploded out. Disgusting? Perhaps. Humorous? Definitely.

My body started to tense, and I knew I needed to push... and I did. No one stopped me. No one counted me. All I heard were words of encouragement. It was amazing. Within 2 minutes, she was out and on my chest. She was beautiful... even now I'm tearing up. It was such an awesome experience.

The doctor waited for the cord to quit pulsating and the nurses did her check up on my chest while we waited. Once Daddy cut the cord, they took her to the heating table for the rest of her assessment. Then she was back in my arms.

It was exactly how I wanted my last labor to be. I didn't even tear so the only pain I had was in my tailbone. I was doing so well that they let me go home a day early... thankfully! I hate being stuck at the hospital. I am a bit sad now because I know that this is the end of my pregnancy and birthing days but I'm so glad that I was able to go out with a bang.

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