A Grandmother's Faerie Tale of Birth

Baby's Birth Day: 11/15/05

Introduction: I've been blessed to be present at the births of all four of my grandchild. I wrote this faerie tale a week after the birth of my 2nd grandchild. I am a midwife, but attended my daughters birth as grandmother. Two of my dear friends, Ruth and Sarita, were the midwives in attendance. Long labor, home birth, 1st birth for this daughter, over 10 lbs, intact perineum, my 1st granddaughter. Priceless.

KyaLily's Birth

The girl had wanted a baby ever since she was small. Not like other little girls who like to play House or Pretend. This little girl wanted her own real, live baby. She understood birth at an early age, she witnessed many mothers and new babies and she waited for the day when she could have one of her very own.

The little angel had waited eons for her choice assignment. She'd been to Earth many times before and had proven her worth. She knew she could choose her next family, and she was taking her time. Other angels came and went and returned again from their Earth lives, only to find the little angel still waiting and watching. When one day the little angel noticed the little girl. She told the Great Spirit, "I want to go to her!" But the Great Spirit told her she would have to wait, that the girl was too small to be a mother. The little angel began to prepare.

As the little girl grew, she dreamed of her baby. She dreamed of a man to love and of a family to make. But the girl grew into a shy young woman, with unique ideas and a very cautious nature. She loved the wrong man for a time, then was bashful around men, and began to feel as though shed never find what she was looking for.

The little angel was looking too. She saw the young man who would be her father, but he was a bit wild and reckless. She and the other angels had quite a time of it protecting him from himself and the dangers he encountered. When the young man finally did meet the young woman, he had a hard time convincing the woman to even go on a date. But the angels intervened. They helped him muster his courage while he kept the flame alive for the woman over the years. They made sure the woman stayed in the circle of the man's community. The angels even whispered to the grandmothers so that they worked at matchmaking for the two shy people.

Then one day, the magic began to work. The young woman and young man had a walk together in the forest. They had a campout, followed by a few phone calls. They had a few more dates. And their time together began to blossom.

"The time has come," said the little angel to her friends. "All is ready and prepared for my journey back to Earth,"“ she told Great Spirit. With blessings on all, the angels planned for the celebration of the Birth of the Little Angel.

All the elements were asked to participate. Water rained for a few days to fill the spring that fed the couple's home. The good Earth rose to meet the sky at the top of the mountain where the baby was to be born. Fire took form in the Sun and Moon to rise clear, full and shining on them. And the Wind blew in feathery clouds to cast shadows and Moonbeams on which the angels danced and descended.

All the people that gathered around the young woman at her birthing time watched and waited as the young woman struggled to find her rhythm and conquer her fearful pain. The young man struggled to remain strong and helpful, all the time fearing for his love, who was in pain and had to do the work all on her own. Her sister offered comfort and support, but cried to the midwives for relief. The midwives watched and waited with patient endurance. The man's mother watched and called on the family and community to light candles and pray for the mother and the little angel. The woman's mother watched too, fearing the loss of her daughter or the baby, anguishing as her daughter lingered in labor.

The Great Spirit sent a promise of wellbeing; a shooting star shot vertical to the Earth to announce the coming of the little angel. The people then saw the angels dancing down on the Moonbeams and heard their song of celebration on the Wind. And the woman's mother changed her prayers of safekeeping to prayers of thanks for the Child that was about to be born.

The little angel entered the world in a big, soft beautiful body that was lovely to behold. The young mother embraced the child and spoke softly to her with recognition and welcome. She knew right away this was the child she had known and waited for all her life. The young father wept tears of joy and pride for both his wife and his perfect little daughter. The sister, the midwives, and the grandmothers shouted and aughed and hugged at the miracle of birth and life. And the angels danced on the mountaintop, in the meadow, through the trees, and in the sky in celebration of the love and hope promised to their friend, the little angel.

The sun rose on the first morning of the Little Angel's new life, it rose clear and bright with fat, fluffy clouds running through the sky. And the young father came to the bedside to tell his wife of the snowflakes that fell from the clear sky, each sparkling with sunlight and faeries to greet the new day, the new baby, and the new family. And love reigned within them and among them. The angel knew she had chosen well and that their lives together would be truly blessed.

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