A Bradley Home Birth


My husband and I decided to try to have a baby; and as soon as I was off my birth control we got pregnant. My husband's military, and because I didn't know too much about childbirth, we just went to the doctor on base at first. After a few appointments and seeing a different doctor everytime, we started talking about a homebirth. My husband was born at home as was his younger 3 siblings so the idea didn't scare him; and since I was planning on having a natural birth anyways and was low risk, I figured why not? So we found an amazing midwife in our area and started to see her. Completely different from our last appointments, she would sit down with us for an hour at a time. She taught us a lot about having a more natural and healthy pregnancy and was very encouraging.

Then I decided I wanted to do a water birth so we started to prepare for that. Well, my due date was November 8th, but the night of October 30 I thought my water might have broken but wasn't sure because I was in the shower. I called our midwife and she said, "You'll know for sure within 24 hours, just give me a call if you start having contractions," so about an hour and a half later they began.

We had taken Bradley Classes and they had said labor would usually take around 12 hours so although my husband called her back he told her not to come yet because we didn't think it was time. Well, about an hour later I was in some pain but handling it so he went to call her and then blow up the tub, but he came in to check on me after he called her to update and I had started pushing! So he ran out and called her back and told her to come, then he came back in and helped me push.

Well, she lived about 50 minutes away, so as she and her birth team were arriving, my daughter Ariel was crowning! She came in and took over while still letting my husband "catch" Ariel and cut the cord, and Ariel was born 15 mintues later, at 3:44 am on Halloween 2010.

Our midwife and her birth team were amazing helping me to get a shower, get comfortable, and figure out how to nurse her while not being overbearing. Then they left a few hours later, and my husband and I had time to spend bonding with our new daughter. It was the most wonderful experience ever, and I even told my husband a few hours after I had Ariel that I could definitely do that again. Even though I didn't get my water birth, there was no trauma, no stress, no pushy nurses or drugged up feeling, just an incredibly empowering, wonderful, sweet experience that I will always treasure.

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